We Use Math, Integermania, and Best-of-Seven

I can’t express how many times the questions, “Why do we need to know math?” and “When am I ever going to use math later in life?” comes up in classrooms and tutoring sessions. I love how this video highlights the importance and usefulness it can be for all of us who pursue it.

Math Munch

Welcome to this week’s Math Munch!

astronaut“When will I use math?” Have you ever asked this question? Well, then you are in for a treat, because the good people of We Use Math have some answers for you! This site was created by the Math Department at Brigham Young University to help share information about career paths that are opened up by studying mathematics. Here’s their introductory video:

The We Use Math site shares write-ups about a wide range of career opportunities that involve doing mathematics. I was glad to learn more about less-familiar mathy careers like technical writing and cost estimation. Also, my brother has studied some operations management in college, so it was great to read the overview of that line of work. In addition, the We Use Math site has pages about recent math discoveries and about unsolved math problems. Check them out!

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